Kings Road Hack v2.0.1_1

Within this post I am going to release my Kings Road Hack or just Kings Road Cheat. I’m proud that I finally decided to share my loved hack with others. Don’t wonder why this Kings Road Hack is already version 2.0.1_1 it is because I used this hack before only for my own needs and I was strictly against sharing this Kings Road Hack with the world!

Screenshot of our Kings Road Hack

Kings Road Hack Kings Road Hack

Kings Road Cheat

On the screenshot above you are seeing the main menu of my Kings Road Hack which is using an simple design while using some powerful code which is able to gain access to the kings road databases using an vulnerable exploit so he is able to change and even add values to the database. However this kings road hack was designed for the use with facebook. This Hack is able to connect to the facebook account which is currently logged in this is possible with some browser exploits we are using. You may see how hard it is for me to share this awesome tool with anyone since it has costed me so much time and due to the fact it has an inbuild updater it will be my most time consuming project at the moment. I am sharing this because I haven’t had much time playing kings road since I started to study c++ so I am able to code my own game someday! But the most important fact why I am sharing this Kings Road Hack is because I hate how game publishers are milking their gamers. You can be sure that this tool is really working. Below you can read a list of all features.

Features of our Kings Road Hack

  • Inbuild updater so it will be updated whenever an update is avaiable
  • Inbuild Facebook Connect without giving us your Account Details!
  • Generate unlimited Gems
  • Generate unlimited Gold

No more useless search after an Kings Road Hack which isn’t working in the end. We are here to fit your needs. We are also providing some Anti-Ban features to ensure that your Account won’t get banned. We’ll guarantee you that the Anti-Ban features is tested and working.

download kings road hack


I hope I can make a lot of people happy with my Kings Road Hack!